Can a ketosis diet make you a diabetic

By | December 27, 2020

can a ketosis diet make you a diabetic

Is it dangerous to follow a keto diet? A new study resulted in scary headlines recently, and got plenty of attention online — perhaps a keto diet could increase the risk of diabetes? In the study, researchers fed mice! They noticed that while the mice on a keto diet had a lower fasting blood glucose, it got higher after the glucose tolerance test and there were signs of a reduced effect of insulin compared to mice on regular mouse chow. The result? Newspaper headlines from click-seeking journalist warning about diabetes if people humans, presumably eat a keto diet. Where to start. First of all, and crucially, humans are not mice. Secondly, the short-term three days adaptations to a keto diet may very well reduce the tolerance to a sudden glucose load, but whether that is a bad thing even in mice or simply normal is an open question. Most importantly, a number of long-term studies over months and years and decades of experience in actual humans show that a keto diet reverses type 2 diabetes.

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