Can nuts be a staple in your diet

By | February 22, 2021

can nuts be a staple in your diet

Nuts are defined as dry, single-seeded fruits with a high oil content, enclosed in a tough outer layer. Many seeds also fall into this category such as sunflower and safflower. Some, like peanuts, fit more than one description both a legume and seed. Nuts and seeds were an important energy and nutrient source throughout history. Almonds and pistachio nuts are mentioned as far back as biblical times, and references to other nuts and seeds abound in the literature. Historians hypothesize that ancient societies about 10, years ago centered on the harvesting of nuts, which may then have fostered agriculture. Predictable growth nuts grow on trees, long storage life especially during winter, and generous nutrient profiles are all advantages of nuts to ancient cultures. Interestingly, ancient Romans gave sugared almonds as gifts at weddings, and this custom is still used today. Peanuts, which date back to about B. Nuts and seeds are extremely nutrient-dense.

Having a pantry stocked with your favorite healthy food staples can help you not only to achieve and maintain a healthy weight but also to keep hunger cravings at bay. Here are 4 healthy food options that are easy to store, easy to make use of, and just plain good for your body: Oats Oats are a popular choice for anyone who is on a weight management program or simply wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The caloric content of oats is lower compared to that of other traditional carb-rich foods such as bread and, therefore, it makes for a good substitute. Oats can also be eaten in many different ways, which is another reason why they continue to be so hugely popular. You can eat them in the form of porridge or in combination with fruit, yogurt, and nuts for a healthy, nutritious, and satisfying meal. Given their low glycaemic index G. It contains gluten-free oats.

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Can nuts be a staple in your diet sorry

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