Common fodmap diet mistakes

By | December 30, 2020

common fodmap diet mistakes

Starting a low FODMAP diet can seem overwhelming in the beginning with lots of different factors to consider and a variety of foods you need to temporarily exclude. Without proper guidance it can be easy to make simple mistakes. Watching out for these common mistakes may help to manage your symptoms. Plus, you can ensure you are still looking after your general health and well-being at the same time. With lots of different foods to consider it can be easy to see a low FODMAP food and think you can consume as much as you like. However, for some foods this is not the case. Often there are low, moderate and high serve sizes for common foods. To watch your portion sizes it may help to measure some foods initially to get an idea of how much you are eating. Whilst this is great news, it does not mean the problem is completely solved yet. The elimination phase is only designed to last weeks, before commencing challenges.

It is designed to help you identify your specific food triggers, and is best done under the supervision of a dietitian to ensure it is done properly and you are still getting all of the nutrients your body needs. From working through the diet myself and helping others do the same, I have noticed 5 key mistakes that most people are making. These mistakes can lead to frustration, because you may not see relief from symptoms. Many people try the elimination phase of the diet with a focus on only a few foods, usually wheat and dairy. Many times, other top triggers like onion and garlic have not been eliminated, which can lead to symptoms and cause frustration. Skipping the challenge phase of the diet. If you skip this phase, you will most likely burn yourself out from being strict and give up on the diet altogether. The point is never to be super strict with your diet, but it is to help you find which foods cause symptoms and in what portions. Not reading food labels. Many times people grab gluten free products, or products marketed for gut health, but never read the labels. High FODMAP ingredients are readily found in these types of products, so you could be triggering symptoms without knowing it.

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