Diet as a social determinant of health

By | December 5, 2020

diet as a social determinant of health

The Profile of Older Americans is an annual summary of the available statistics related to the older population in the United States. Unfortunately, dietetics education is behind the curve in this regard. The students mean age was determinant This research brief explores the linkages between food insecurity, diet health and health care costs, and examines the pathways policymakers scientific articles on ketogenic diet healthcare providers can use to increase access to nutritious food. Social Nutrition Society. Some pathways are direct and immediate. Vuille JC, Schenkel M. Stockburger; However, food insecurity is not exclusively a problem among impoverished, unhealthy and socially health families. Healthy diet [Fact Sheet No] [Internet]. SSM Popul Health.

This work uses a sample of students that was used in an earlier work aiming to study the factors associated with an unhealthy diet [ 14 ]. Publication types Research Support, Non-U. The food outlets that do exist are usually fast food restaurants and convenience stores with very few healthy food options. Patient Care Access News. There are significant mean differences in consumption of olive oil, bread, pasta, rice, other cereals, and alcoholic drinks between Health and Social Sciences students, showing that Health Sciences students have a higher consumption of olive oil and cereals, and a lower alcohol consumption. Among the various social determinants of health, food insecurity has one of the most extensive impacts on the overall health of individuals. All calculations were made using RStudio [ 50 ] and Excel spreadsheet [ 51 ]. However, the study has certain strengths. However, more than one-quarter of people who are food insecure are not eligible for SNAP, leaving them with few options for healthy food. Cultural influences impact on diet choices and food preparation — evidence has shown that traditions, beliefs and values are among the main factors influencing preference, mode of food preparation, and nutritional status.

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May 13, Advocacy, Collaboration, Community Outreach. Evidence shows that poor nutrition and an unhealthy diet are leading risk factors for various chronic health conditions, including heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, and other diet-related diseases. Food is a fundamental human need and influences health and quality of life. Access to affordable and nutritious food is a public health priority and requires broader, community-based interventions focused on addressing the social determinants of health and eliminating health disparities. Health centers provide quality, comprehensive, and culturally competent primary health care to those who are medically underserved and most affected by health disparities. For many who are at risk or suffer from diet-related chronic conditions, a provider may prescribe changes in diet and nutrition to improve and manage their health.

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