Do diet drinks have more caffeine

By | January 14, 2021

do diet drinks have more caffeine

Caffeine is known to be safe when consumed in moderation. Pepsi and Coca-Cola said caffeine was added to their drinks to improve the flavour. Many found it surprising that Sunkist 41 mg has more than Coca-Cola. All other products with added caffeine are listed as health products which are not regulated as food which is where the energy drinks made their inroads to Canada. Caffeine is also a big issue for those with heartburn problems. Now we know the truth. Diet cola drinks contain higher levels of caffeine than regular versions, according to new research. We know not everyone likes caffeinated drinks or wants them all the time though. Most people we talked to Wednesday thought Mountain Dew would be at the top of the list, but it’s not.

Diet Coke has Here are the 10 most caffeinated diet soft drinks — and they are nowhere near the levels of caffeine in Starbucks drinks. Sun Drop is a brand of citrus soda drink from Cadbury-Schweppes. The level of caffeine in the Diet version came as a complete surprise — but then — even the regular version has 63mg in a 12oz can. Note: regular can displayed. Mountain Dew is one of the most popular citrus soft drinks. Both diet and regular have the same amount of caffeine. In countries outside the USA — Mountain Dew has either reduced amounts of caffeine or no caffeine at all. TaB from Coca-cola is one of the oldest diet or sugar-free soft drinks around.

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