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Blood Type Might Raise Odds for Certain Health Conditions

By Robert PreidtHealthDay Reporter MONDAY, May 3, 2021 (HealthDay News) — Certain blood types may increase a person’s risk of different health problems, a new study suggests. The research confirms some previous findings and reveals new links between blood types and diseases, according to the authors of the study published April 27 in the journal… Read More »

Trial diets for type 2 diabetes

Due to a lack of trial after the clinical trial ended, the study data was diabetes analyzed and published diets the present. Combined with the substantial weight loss achieved, these consistent blood lipid changes that reflected differences in carbohydrate intake between groups showed the strength of the diabete to achieve and maintain high dietary adherence… Read More »

Gaps diet diabetes type 2

Andrea, My family and me have just moved in to a rental house and there is mold growing in the corner of my parents bedroom. There is about 60cm extending up the wall and the same along the floor under the carpet. They have ‘killed it’ with commerical mold killer and bi-carb. We cannot remediate… Read More »

Type 2 diabetic diet breakfast

Tsui recommends combining a high-fiber muffin like this one with Greek yogurt for a yummy take on a parfait, a slice of cheese, or a hard-boiled egg for a quick, satisfying and diabetes-friendly breakfast. Remember that while a smoothie is a drink, it provides all the nutrients and calories of a meal. Have small, regular… Read More »