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Apple unveils new health features aimed at patient-doctor data exchange

Dive Brief: Apple on Monday unveiled new health features for its devices, including a health record tool aimed at making it easier for users to share health information with their doctors and others. In the Apple health app, users can now choose which contacts, including physicians, friends and family members, can access their protected health information, such… Read More »

How I lost sight of my own health care while creating a women’s health care company [PODCAST]

“My world tumbled upside down. I was managing taking care of three children from home, helping them navigate the realities of our new world while trying to keep my staff employed and safe. I sadly said goodbye to many team members as they made the difficult choice to stay home. We had to figure out… Read More »

Black women who live with the consequences of structural racism face poorer outcomes in mental health

There are ethnic inequalities in mental health and socioeconomic status amongst older women living with HIV in the UK, Dr Danielle Solomon reports in Sexually Transmitted Infections. The findings show that women of Black African and Black Caribbean origin are the most likely to experience poverty, psychological distress and social isolation, but are the least… Read More »