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Can vegitarian diet cause low gfr

While dietary restriction of protein intake has long been proposed as a possible kidney-protective treatment, the effects of changes in the quality of ingested proteins on the prevalence and risk of progression of chronic kidney disease CKD have been scarcely studied; these two aspects are reviewed in the present article. The prevalence of hypertension, type… Read More »

Can a high protein diet cause diabetes

That makes the results of a study that came out earlier this week in the journal Cell Reports pretty startling. In fact, high-protein dieters in the study saw no improvement in insulin sensitivity at all, while the conventional dieters improved by as much as 30 percent. Bettina Mittendorfer, a professor at Washington University School of… Read More »

Can keto diet cause muscle loss

Nat Cell Biol. Our team will get back to you in one business day, and often times, much faster. Does AMP-activated protein kinase negatively mediate aged fast-twitch skeletal muscle mass? KD is a well-defined approach to induce weight loss, with its role in muscle adaptation and muscle hypertrophy less understood. Download references. If you find… Read More »

Can a high sodium diet cause hypertension

The close relationship between hypertension and dietary sodium intake is widely recognized and supported by several studies. A reduction in dietary sodium not only decreases the blood pressure and the incidence of hypertension, but is also associated with a reduction in morbidity and mortality from cardiovascular diseases. Prolonged modest reduction in salt intake induces a… Read More »