Curing ckd with a vegan diet

By | August 29, 2020

curing ckd with a vegan diet

Jan ;81 1 Odermatt A. Health effects curinng vegan diets. View Comments Leave a Comment. Giovannetti S, Maggiore Q. Moderately to severely decreased.

Traditional dietary recommendations to renal patients limited the intake of fruits and vegetables because of their high potassium content. However, this paradigm is rapidly changing due to the multiple benefits derived from a fundamentally vegetarian diet such as, improvement in gut dysbiosis, reducing the number of pathobionts and protein-fermenting species leading to a decreased production of the most harmful uremic toxins, while the high fiber content of these diets enhances intestinal motility and short-chain fatty acid production. Metabolic acidosis in chronic kidney disease CKD is aggravated by the high consumption of meat and refined cereals, increasing the dietary acid load, while the intake of fruit and vegetables is able to neutralize the acidosis and its deleterious consequences. Phosphorus absorption and bioavailability is also lower in a vegetarian diet, reducing hyperphosphatemia, a known cause of cardiovascular mortality in CKD. The richness of multiple plants in magnesium and vitamin K avoids their deficiency, which is common in these patients. Finally, although hyperkalemia is the main concern of these diets, the use of adequate cooking techniques can minimize the amount absorbed. Nephrologists classically do not recommend vegetable-based diets since they have been considered nutritionally inadequate and dangerous for the management of patients with chronic kidney disease CKD, due to their high potassium K content. But vegetable-based diets are sufficient for a balanced protein intake, and for several reasons have shown to reduce mortality in non-CKD patients [ 1, 2 ]. Although it is a common belief that plant-based diets are deficient in all the essential amino acids, it has been shown that it is not necessarily so [ 3 ].

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Curing ckd with a vegan diet that

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