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Do elimination diets work for acne?

There is something that you do every day that can create problems for your skin. To you, your skin problem may be called psoriasis, eczema, rosacea or acne, but to your skin it is an inflammatory reaction, and the source of that inflammation may very likely be the foods that you are putting in your… Read More »

Does diet soda cause adult acne

Chocolate and Acne Myth. You want plenty of colorful vegetables and fruits for every meal. As mentioned above, soda creates an inflammatory response in the body due to its high glycemic index level. These dark colors contain advanced glycation end products AGEs, which react negatively with lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids in skin cells. Read… Read More »

Hormonal acne going off pill diet

Vitamin A is well recognized for its ability pill support healthy skin and reduce acne. Pill reduces the specific bacteria on the skin that can cause breakouts. Hope that helps! We do this by promoting healthy off flora. Plus, imbalances in good gut bugs can lead to further hormone imbalance. Sandy June 3, at pm… Read More »