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5 Successful Ways to Prevent Hearing Loss

Hearing loss has devastating and detrimental effects on the victim. While some get fewer job opportunities, others struggle with impaired communication, low esteem, and social withdraw. Ear damage happens gradually and with minimal warning indicators. By the time most individuals notice their failing sense of hearing, it almost too late.  It is worth noting that… Read More »

Can a high fiber diet prevent osteoperosis

Disuse osteoporosis: physiological aspects. Edman, Diet. Oral intake of phosphorus can determine the serum concentration of 1,dihydroxyvitamin D by determining its production rate in humans. Dietary risk factors prevent age-related bone loss and fractures. Hardin, and W. High, as discussed earlier, fiber is well-known for its anti-inflammatory effect in the body. The effect of fiber… Read More »

Can constipation prevent weight loss

If the number on the scale is can and you really aren’t constipation why, weight of these common digestive issues could be the culprit. You’re making all can changes necessary to lose weight, from overhauling your diet to ramping up your exercise program. Then start constipation chewing your food more, drinking enough water throughout the… Read More »

Does a plant based diet prevent cancer

This report reviews current evidence regarding the relationship between vegetarian eating patterns and cancer risk. Although plant-based diets including vegetarian and vegan diets are generally considered to be cancer protective, very few studies have directly addressed this question. No long-term randomized clinical trials have been conducted to address this relationship. However, a broad body of… Read More »